Auxiliary Equipment

  • Rotary Dryer

    Rotary Dryer

    ● Product Name:Rotary Dryer

    ● Model:1.2×12/1.5×15/1.6×16/1.8×18/2x(18-24)/2.5x(18-24)

    ● Auxiliary:Hot Blast StoveAir-lock ValveBlowerCyclone

    ● Weight:4/6.8/7.8/10.6/13/18/19/21/25t

    ● Size:(12000-24000)x(1300-2600)x(1300-2600)mm

  • Pellet Cooler

    Pellet Cooler

     Adopting counter flow theory, cold air goes inside of cooler from bottom to top, hot pellets 
    goes to cooler from top to bottom, as time goes on, pellets will pulse at the cooler bottom, cold air will cool
    them at the bottom gradually, in this way will reduce pellet broken , if cold air also go to 

  • Pellet Packing Machine

    Pellet Packing Machine

    Wood pellet packing machine ton per bag wood pellet bagging machine, which is specially used for packing the finished wood pellets into small bags .

  • Pulse Dust Removal

    Pulse Dust Removal

    ● Product Name:Pulse Dust Removal

    ● Operation Type:Automatic

    ● Model:MC-36/80/120
    ● Dust Collecting Method:Dry
    ● Size:Depend on Model

    ● Weight:1.4-2.9t

  • Rotary Screen

    Rotary Screen

    ● Product Name:Rotary Screen

    ● Type:Circular

    ● Model:GTS100X2/120X3/150X4

    ● Power:1.5-3kw
    ● Capacity:1-8t/h
    ● Size:4500x1800x4000

    ● Weight:0.8-1.8t

  • Double Shaft Mixer

    Double Shaft Mixer

    ● Product Name:Dual-Shaft Mixer

    ● Type:Hammer Agitator

    ● Model:LSSHJ40/50/60X4000
    ● Power:7.5-15kw
    ● Capacity:2-5t/h
    ● Size:5500x1200x2700

    ● Weight:1.2-1.9t

  • Pellet Stove

    Pellet Stove

    ● Product Name:Pellet Stove

    ● Type:Pellet Fireplace,Stove

    ● Model:JGR-120/120F/150/180F
    ● Heating Area:60-180m³
    ● Size:Depend on Model

    ● Weight:120-180kg

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